The top 5 most demanded Harp music in 2020 for weddings

Top 5 most demanded songs in 2020 for weddings

Looking for beautiful harp songs for your wedding? We have a solution for you.

Harp is one of the most often requested musical instruments for weddings. It is elegant, romantic and it is just the right tool to accompany any love story.

Keep in mind that just because a harp is a classic instrument it doesn’t mean that your choice is limited to classic music only. 

The top 5 harp songs for weddings

1# Cover of All Of Me John Legent – Harp wedding cover

2# Debussy Arabesque – Wedding Harp Version

3# Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen – Harp Version

4# Without you – Harp cover for wedding

5# L&J “What a Wonderful World” – Harp wedding remix

Every wedding is special and unique and of course, you might have your own playlist in mind. In this case, all you need to do is to let Lidia know about your preferences a little in advance to let her have enough time to create a “harpy” arrangement that still reminds of the original song. 

Now when you have your harp wedding music sorted, how to organize your wedding?

Easy. You just let someone else do it for you. If your dream wedding is planned anywhere in the GCC you can get help from Easy Wedding Georgia and have a destination wedding in Georgia instead. This little cute company has helped dozens of couples from all over the GCC to tie the knot in Georgia. 

There are so many more things to worry about apart from your playlist. A proper reception, menu, guests arrangement, make-up – you name it. And well, the wedding documents of course. Paperwork is probably one of the most stressful parts of the wedding. Especially if you two are from different countries and of different religions. Being torn between embassies and courts trying to arrange more and more requested documents can last weeks and even months if you live in the GCC.

If like Flo and Liz (the sweet founders of Easy Wedding, who had the same experience), you are struggling with the pre-wedding paperwork, opt for Georgia and let them marry you over a weekend just having your passport.

And what is the special song you want to be played at your wedding? Share the article and tell us in the comments!