The Fridge


Musician Booking Agency in Dubai

Founded in 2007 by Shelley Frost, herself a harpist, The Fridge is one of the leading agencies for artists and musicians in the Middle East and has a huge impact on the local arts scene, supporting and working mainly with locally based artists, giving opportunities to perform and record original music and arts under its roof at Alserkal Avenue. Fourteen “Fridgies” manage world-class entertainment for for more than 3,000 private and corporate events annually in the Middle East and beyond.

Lidia & The Fridge

Lidia first met Shelley Frost, founder and owner of The Fridge, in 2005, just before the company was established. Three years later, Lidia joined the agency as one of a select group of artists, and she started receiving bookings for interesting and prestigious events. The Fridge is now one of the leading agencies in the region and continues to grow.

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