Lidia’s harps


Acoustic harp

The acoustic harp has 46 or 47 strings, seven pedals with three positions each, around 40kg

Strings: The strings are the equivalent of the white key of the piano
Pedals: The pedals are used to create the same notes as the piano’s black keys
Colors: The strings’ different colours makes it easy to recognise the notes, reds are C strings and blues are F strings
Scores: They are the same as the Piano

Electric harp

The Electric harp has 32 strings, and as many levers as strings instead of the pedals, Lidia’s baby electric harp is 5kg, in an especially requested unique colour, which was made for the first time ever, specifically for her:

flexible, easy to move, combines elegance and class with the funky, edgy look;
the electric harp is small in size, but can be big in sound, there is a volume button!