Healing Harp Music


Why Harp Healing?

Lidia has always been passionate about helping and caring for others. She has performed numerous times at hospitals throughout the UAE alongside other musicians.

She recently started an exploration of the healing power of music and is currently on a two-year programme that will qualify her to use her music to help people recuperate and recover from illness.

Lidia’s Healing Harp Music

I love to observe the effect of my music on others. It fills me with happiness when a crying baby falls asleep within just a few minutes of being in the room with my music. So Magical ! How a busy and stressed businessman drops his shoulders down and relaxes after listening to only a few songs or pieces of music from my harp, priceless ! It is my aim to learn more and be able to use the healing power of music to the fullest

Join us for our new harp healing website: harp-healing.com