Indian Marriage
Booking A Harpist


Indian Wedding Music

Lidia first discovered the beauty of Bollywood music when she first performed some of the more popular wedding songs many years ago. Since then, she has fallen in love with Indian music and played at Indian weddings in the UAE, the Maldives and Pakistan.

She can play Bollywood songs, both solo and accompanied by violin, flute and other instruments, depending on the impact and mood required.

Enjoy harp music throughout your wedding

During guests arrival: Your guests will be welcomed by beautiful harp songs while waiting for the arrival of the bride

The bridal entrance: The harpist will play romantic melodies which will make the bride feel confident and relaxed, showcasing her beauty to her husband

During dinner: The harp can set an enjoyable and relaxed mood

Party time: By going for a full version of Canella duo or trio or the Hamami trio or band, accompanied by backing track, you can create a party atmosphere and have all your guests dancing to popular Indian music.

Good to know

Remember that music adds a magical touch to your special day and will make it a wedding to remember!

As soon as you book your musicians, make sure that you arrange a meeting with Lidia to brief her. Should you not be able to meet in person, you can contact her by e-mail and attach your requests as youtube links or as a list of songs.

Feel free to share additional songs you have in mind for your wedding. With enough time and notice, Lidia can prepare them especially for you.

Discuss colours, dresses, even hairstyle with her, the more information the better so she can help to make your day memorable and special !