Harp, Flute And A Magical Story

Harp, Flute And A Magical Story


For many years, I have been developing a unique form of story-theater that blends dramatically performed stories with music all over the world.

In 2011, I was invited to take part in the annual Abu Dhabi Festival. As bringing musicians from New York City wasn’t cost effective, I had the pleasure of working with two outstanding Dubai based musicians, violinist Pasha Cazan and harpist Lidia Stankulova.

In 2013, when I returned to the Emirates, Lidia and I picked up where we left off, adding the musical gifts of flutist Malena Avila and fifteen year old harpist, student of Lidia, Teagun Scott, to the mix.

Well told stories and beautifully performed music are always transformative, but when blended together, I believe their power doubles. It’s hard to describe what happens, but over and over again, I’ve seen how this unique propels audiences into very deep inner realms.

This idea is underscored by these words from a young listener: “Though the skyscrapers of Dubai were everywhere, the stories and music took me into my mind.

I saw such beautiful pictures…a turtle swimming up a path of broken moonshells. Carlos and Maria running towards the sun…the ghost woman’s blue shadow. The way you said the words and the sound of the harp and flute made me see all of these things inside of my head. I felt so happy and peaceful and excited that I never wanted to leave.”
Comments such as this, when paired with the sheer pleasure of working with the wonderful talents of Lidia, Malena, and Teaguen, more than offset the grueling 22,000 kilometers of air travel.

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