Catrin Finch, World-renowed Harpist

Catrin Finch, World-renowed Harpist



I was very lucky to meet a truly great harpist, Catrin Finch, when she was in Dubai earlier this year. Catrin is the former official harpist to the Prince of Wales and is world renowned for her playing.

Myself and several other Dubai harpists were able to take part in a master class with her while she was in town, and it was great to be able to see her play so close up. *

* We really got good tips from her – technical and musical. My students also performed with her the Matinee concert – that was such an honour and bit push up and motivation for them and me as a teacher.

At the both concerts – morning and evening, she presented the harp music from Bach to now days. Here is he beautiful interpretation of “claire de lune” by Debussy

It was a chance to explore some interesting harp repertoire, including a very funny piece called Mosquito Massacre, which is about someone trying to swat a pesky mosquito, and makes full use of the harp’s range. The player mimics the buzzing of the mosquito by using single strings plucked in a tremolo motion.

The harpist also has to employ his or her acting skills to pretend to be trying to find and swat the mosquito. It is very entertaining and something a bit different for harpists of all ages to learn.

** At the end she surprise the audience with a cool track performed on electric harp, just at the lobby of the theatre!

One of my students and I are also very excited about going to Catrin Finch’s Harp Academy, which will take place in July It is being held for the second time this year in Gwaelod y Garth in Wales. Visiting Wales, the country where the harp is the national instrument, is special for a harpist as it feels a little as if you are going back to your roots.