After Chichester Psalms Concert

After Chichester Psalms Concert



I’m pleased to say the Chichester Psalms concert with Dubai Chamber Choir was a big success. I really enjoyed playing with the choir and we were lucky enough to have a full house at Christ Church, Jebel Ali. It just goes to show that those who think people in Dubai are not interested in culture are wrong.

I really enjoyed listening to the first half of the concert, which was a selection of pieces by British and American composers for choir with organ. This helped me relax and get rid of any nerves and put me in the right mood to play in the second part. It was a real pleasure to listen to such beautiful voices singing such great music.

One of my next projects is hopefully going to be playing the Mozart Flute and Harp Concerto with Dubai Chamber Orchestra, you can find them on Facebook

If you don’t think you know the piece, have a listen to the second movement, and it will probably at least be familiar to you.

I will keep you posted, but the best would be to follow me so you’re sure to do not miss it!