A Day In The Desert

A Day In The Desert



We’ve been talking about this for about a year! Finally – we made it!

I know Andy and Elena since couple of years, lovely family, artistic soul and always ready for adventure attitude.

Finally the time has come, and we arranged a weekend when all of us were free and voila – this is the result!

The first day we took Hatta-Oman direction, searching for red dunes and a tree, chasing the sunset! That day was just me and Andy. Elena was home, studying for her master degree exams…

So, we found the place, maybe 10 min before sunset. When I saw the sands, I was sure “ my harp is not going up there” but Andy was sure it is! So not long after, we were pulling my beautiful Salvi Daphne 47 harp over the dunes and I was praying we make it to the top of the dune. We did! I quickly had to put my dress on. I got Andy keeping his hand on the harp until I change, and every time I had to do something away from Her. It was a bit challenging, having the harp standing on a non flat surface! I think we did pretty well though, what are your thoughts? Have no idea how he convinced me to make the shot away from the harp (I think my face is saying it all ;))

All is good when finish good, so we had a short, but full with emotions trip, we catch the sunset, and … I still have some sand in the harp cover J

For more amazing photo-stories and great pictures from around the world I strongly recommend to check out Andy’s website: www.andypavlov.com I guarantee you’ll enjoy it:)

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