Gwyneth Wentink’s Harp Concert In Dubai

Gwyneth Wentink’s Harp Concert In Dubai


I am so excited that Gwyneth Wentink, a harpist from the Netherlands, is playing in Dubai tonight at DUCTAC, Mall of the Emirates.

As far as harpists are concerned, she is a Goddess, and, she is borrowing my harp for her performance because she was not able to bring hers with to the UAE.

I met Gwyneth yesterday and she is passionate about her work in music and exploring different cultures, and incredibly down to earth considering she won the world’s most famous harp competition when she was aged just 17.

She is performing a few classical pieces at the concert and a series of collaborations with other musicians from around the world. As she said: “You never know where the music will take you!”

I will be at the concert with the rest of the harp family, so why not come along and hear some great, innovative music?

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