Check Your Sound

Check Your Sound



Recently, I have arrived at several events, having been told by the organiser that the DJ will provide amplifiers for my harp, so that my music can still be hard in a noisy room. Then, when I arrive, I find out that the equipment is not available.

There is nothing that can be done about this at this late stage, so, what happens is only those sitting or standing nearest to me can hear the music, and, afterwards, what I hear: “It is such a pity we could not hear your playing.”

For this reason, it is best to check and then double check that your DJ or sound engineer definitely has the correct equipment to amplify your live musicians. Find out as soon as you start organising your event whether there will be an extra cost involved.

The equipment required is fairly basic and, despite what some sound engineers may tell you, fixing an amp to an instrument is quite straightforward, so the cost should not be too much. If you have any doubts, do let me know prior to the performance, as, I have contacts within the industry who can provide you with reasonably priced sound equipment to make sure everyone at your event can enjoy the music properly.

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